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Helpful tips and tricks for travelling

Are you planning on going anywhere for your next vacation? Pay attention because the next few tips could save you from a problem...or two!



1. Choose the perfect size
Before packing you should think about what size and kind of baggage to use, it will depend on the destination, the weather, the time you’ll spend there, the transport or the airline restrictions... If you are planning on going shopping don't forget to leave some spare room for it, the costs of checking-in an extra bag could be very expensive. If you are spending a short period of time don't take with you a big bag, it could make your journey very uncomfortable. 

2. Take note of everything
Think about everything you’re going to need during your trip and make a list. If you pack with a day or two in advance, it will be easier not to forget anything, over time you’ll come up with new things that you didn’t think about before. The list can also help you while packing for your return home to make sure you don’t leave anything behind.

3. Place strategically
To make everything fit in your bag, a useful trick is to fold your clothes rolling them up in a “tube form”, you’ll save some space. Remember to put your shoes in separate bags, so your clothes don't get stained. Place the pieces that get easily creased on top of the pile. Maybe you’ll need your make-up bag or a piece of clothing to cover up during the journey, place those items on the top part of your luggage so you can easily take them out without having to open the whole bag.


4. Wear what's most bulky 
To save some space it’s better to wear what’s bulkier on...the chunky sweater, the big boots or the trainers that take up a lot of space...but careful! don't exaggerate, to be comfy while travelling is a top priority. 

5. Carry an empty bag
An empty plastic bag could be handy while travelling...to pack your dirty laundry, to keep your dirty shoes...even to cover your wet umbrella.

6. Separate your liquids
Make sure your bag doesn’t end up smelling of your cologne by keeping your liquids in containers that close correctly. If you’re carrying hand luggage be aware of the liquids rule and airports restrictions. Place all the containers in a see-through plastic bag and keep them on top of your luggage so you can easily take them out when you go through the security control.


7. Safety first
To avoid unpleasant situations, it is wise to always keep you bag correctly closed. Many bags include a security system, but if yours doesn't… get a lock! If you are a little chaotic get a combination lock so you wont end up losing the key....


8. Cover up while travelling
Even if you are travelling to a warm spot, you should always carry a piece of clothing to cover up. It can get really cold in airports and planes...the air conditioner is usually too high. 

9. Essentials: take them with you
We hope it never occurs, but it could happen. If your checked-in luggage ever gets lost, a good tip is to always have with you in your carry-on bag the basic hygiene essentials and a change of clothes; it could save your day! 

10. S
ecure the Wi-Fi connection in your destination
Visiting an unknown place can be a bit disconcerting, getting to your hotel can be an impossible mission if you don’t t know the city or speak the language. It’s imperative to make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection in your destination to be able to access online maps, translator, travel guides, GPS... when necessary.

With Wifivox you’ll have Wi-Fi connection wherever you are, unlimited data and maximum speed to enjoy the destination 100%. Make your reservation now HERE.



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